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Due to the recent COVID-19 precautions, we have decided to postpone all normal dental cleaning appointments for 3 weeks resuming Monday, April 6th. Until then, Free State Dental will remain open for all appointments deemed necessary by the Dr.'s, and any new dental emergencies. Our office hours will be between 9am-4pm Monday-Thursday, and 9am-3pm on Friday's. If you have any questions or you are having a dental emergency please give our office a call at 785-843-2636.

4111 West 6th Street
Lawrence, KS 66049

(785) 843-2636

Root Canals

Diagram of a Root Canal

When a tooth becomes infected and we wish to save the tooth, a root canal will need to be performed.

A root canal removes all infected tissue within the tooth and places a filling down into the root. After having a root canal completed, a crown will be necessary to strengthen the top of the tooth and seal the tooth to prevent another infection from developing.

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