20 January 2016

Have you ever had a dental procedure done and then had a hard time figuring out what to eat afterwards? Sometimes the effects of the anesthetic that you have received lasts for quite a while and sometimes your tooth or jaw may be tired from the work that it has received. Here is a link to a blogger that has put together some great ideas and recipes to satisfy your appetite, while also keeping in consideration the needs of a soft diet. http://marielyvp.blogspot.com/2013/06/30-soft-food-recipes.html

Missing a meal is not an option for most of us around here and we don’t want you to experience that either, so enjoy these amazing recipes while recovering from your dental treatment.

5 November 2015

Freestate Dental Doctors

Over the past few years we have been fortunate enough to watch our practice grow. We have added a few staff members and welcomed wonderful new patients along the way.

We have always been committed to providing the best experience to our patients and because that is at the core of our value system, we decided that it was the right time for us to add another dentist to our team of friends. We took our time and searched long and hard. Through this process we found an individual who exemplifies the very foundation that this practice was built on. With great excitement we brought Dr. Brad Adams into our practice family.

Knowing that we could not reasonably answer the phone, Dr.’s Van Blaricum, Newkirk and Adams, while also throwing in the polite and expected, Good Morning or Good Afternoon…how can I help you, we realized that a brand name was also in our future. Again, after a lot of ideas, some good and some not so good, we adopted the name Free State Dental. With this new name came a new look! We worked with a brilliant design team to incorporate our existing logo and website into a new and fresh one!

We are so excited to be sharing all of these new endeavors with you and we hope that you will share your feedback on all the happenings here. After all, you are the voice of this practice, so we are listening!

With Warm Regard,
Office Manager

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