15 March 2017

Looking for some snacks that are good for your teeth? Check out these options:

Milk is already known for helping us grow strong bones and teeth, but did you know cheese also helps your teeth as an adult? The protein in cheese, called casein, has a unique ability to stabilize calcium which is one of the building blocks of your teeth. The casein protein can maintain the mineral content of your mouth and helps to prevent tooth decay.

Nuts are a tooth friendly snack. Research on saliva shows there is a correlation between protein in saliva and resistance to disease. Certain proteins are more beneficial than others, for example arginine. Since many nuts and seeds contain high levels of arginine, they are some of the best snack foods around. Try to eat a handful of nuts or seeds every day, especially if your dentist told you your caries (cavities) risk is high.

Eat like a sailor... Popeye! Although consuming cans of spinach may not make you grow muscles, it will help your teeth. Spinach is one of a few plants able to concentrate fluoride into its leaves. Consuming spinach, especially while you're young is a great way to help grow stronger teeth. A small amount of fluoride every day helps keep a low level in your saliva which can prevent tooth decay.

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